Since Yahoo Aviate launched in June our engineering team has been hard at work perfecting your Aviate experience. New features are always right around the corner and this week, we’re excited to announce that you can now finally create your own Custom Collections.

Custom Collections lets you create personalized groupings of apps so you always have access to your important apps the instant you need them.

Custom Collections.jpg

To add a Custom Collection:

  1. Scroll down through your Collections until you see the “+Add Collection” button.

  2. At the bottom of the list tap the option to “Create Your Own” Collection.

  3. Finally, name your Collection, hit ‘Done’ and voilà—you’ve got a brand new shiny Custom Collection!


Suggestions from the Aviate community are key in optimizing the way our users receive the apps and information they need when they’re most useful. Feedback is always welcome so please drop us a line here!


Keep flyin’

-The Aviate Crew